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Kybri`s main purpose is to contribute to organisational development in the public and private sector in an effective, efficient and meaningful way. 

Kybri uses process design and facilitation as a tool – to find innovative solutions and achieve results within groups, organisations and systems. By building on  already existing competence, Kybri achieves results by active involvement and participation. Meeting design and facilitation are also useful tools for better teamwork and work with managerial development.

Kybri is run by Mathilde Blichfeldt Mjønes, who became a certified facilitator in 2013. Her background is in public administration (OAG), and since 2015, she has worked as a change agent, facilitator and consultant.

Kybri works in partnership with other actors and has collaborated with SoCentral, Giovanni SgobaroVisuelle Notater, Facilitator and Visfas, among others. Kybri is a member of The Nordic Incubator for Social Innovation, SoCentral, which has its office at Sentralen in Oslo.

Examples of services provided by Kybri    STL Kosmorama bilde av Mathilde

Meeting design and facilitation of workshops and processes

Facilitator training

Project management

Support clients in finding solutions to complex problems


Phone:                 +47 22120161


Office:                  SoCentral, Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo                921196644